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Guantanamo Bay Health Resort and Luxury Spa

Left-leaning humanitarian groups are constantly trying to tell us that we're somehow mistreating prisoners (read: terrorists) at Git'mo, but I've never seen conclusive proof of these allegations.....

Until now, that is.

[It's an AP photo, so you'll have to click over to see it.]

I reckon I ought to book a trip to Gauntanimo so I can shed the extra few pounds I've managed to collect from sitting here at Ye Office, huh?



#1 captainfish 03-Jun-2008
Hey DMartyr,
You might not want to book that trip. There were stories a few years back about how the "detainees" were actually gaining weight.

If the woman does not know where her husband is, then how does she know he is in Guantanamo? And, I really doubt that our prison is being used by Pakistan to hold political prisoners. We all know that Pakistan is not anti-alQueda. They not be PRO-, but they have done everything they can to protect their identity and location from us.
#2 DMartyr 05-Jun-2008
The article was Brian's, but I could probably lose a few pounds as well. ;)

As for the whole Guantanamo thing, personally, I'm sick of hearing about us insulting, humiliating, or otherwise inconveniencing a few terrorists somehow compares with the barbaric torture deaths these muslime terrorists commit.

The muslime majority was silent about the Tucker/Menchaca incident, but pout a pair of panties on a muslime terrorist's head and suddenly there is OUTRAGE!

What we should do is pull our troops out of the Middle East with one warning: Next islamic terrorist attack against America or its interests, Mecca and Madina become sheets of glass.

America need to stop playing the PC war game of trying to make enemy nations like us by policing their country into a happy place. WE need to get tough - flatten a few cities, drop a few A-bombs, and conquer the rest.
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