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Embedded with the Enemy

Crud, I saw these photos on the wire earlier today, and it didn't even occur to me to bring them up!

[Photo 1] [Photo 2]

Urban Infidel (via LGF) has identified yet another instance of Associated Press personnel "coincidentally" being on-site to photograph enemy forces (the Taliban, whom we're still ostensively fighting in Afghanistan) transferring their weaponry in the middle of the night.

It's curious to note that the AP didn't feel compelled to identify the stringer who took this picture. Based on what's on the wire, the only named AP stringer in Kandahar at the moment is Allauddin Khan. Could he be our "anonymous" photographer in this series? Or is the AP relying on someone else to gather its Taliban-friendly coverage?

Why not name the photographer? Is the editorial staff afraid that yet another one of their stringers will be arrested for assisting enemy forces?

Previously: AP + Islamic Jihad, AP + Hamas, AP + al Qaeda.

If nothing else, this trend just goes to show that the Associated Press is full of equal opportunity anti-Westerners.

  #Human Shields


#1 Urban Infidel 03-Jun-2008
Thanks for link and nod. I looked at at that photo this morning and it stank of rotten fish. The fact that it was taken is disgusting enough, let alone running it as 'news'.

This really needs larger scrutiny. Where' is the press now?
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