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Daily Dictator

Mahmoud celebrates Memorial Day with his boyfriend, Khaled. You see, when he said that there were "no gays in Iran," what he meant is that there are none more stylish than himself.

"This will be fab-u-lous!"



#1 DMartyr 26-May-2008
You can tell Mahmoud is the head honcho 'cause he gets to use his wiping hand...
#2 captainfish 26-May-2008
He must be on a date: He has darkened his hair and taken off his leisure jacket and put on his dime-store "impress the lady-gents" jacket.
#3 Kevin 27-May-2008
Still can't believe they are going to the prom!
#4 Kevin 27-May-2008
Hey, why do my comments alway say

"Your comment was successfully added.
Warning: This comment needs approval before it will be displayed"?

Did I say something to risque once, or something? Is this a permanent change?
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 27-May-2008

I just checked the logs, and it looks like Askimet doesn't like you. Maybe it thinks the IP you're commenting from is a spammer?

Sorry for the trouble. I always approve your comments as soon as I see that they're held up, if it makes you feel any better. :)

#6 Kevin 27-May-2008
Thanks for the info! There are a few other websites at which this is happening as well. Hopefully a letter to Askimet will clear it up.

I was starting to wonder if I got drunk one night and flamed every website that I know of, causing them to block me :).
#7 captainfish 27-May-2008
ME TOO. ME TOO, Kevin.

But, I just thought it was your breath.
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