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Newsweek Finds Racism

Newsweek has conducted a poll recently to determine if there is racism in the votes surrounding Barack HUSSEIN Obama. They sought to determine if race plays a roll in how WHITE people vote for their presidential candidate. They call their poll, "The Racial Resentment Index". Now, tell me that does not scream bias.

Here is how the poll was conducted:

The Racial Resentment Index is an additive index based on response to 10 specific questions measuring whites’ attitudes towards African-Americans, social welfare programs, and the civil rights movement. See Appendix for more a more [sic] detailed description.

Actually, there were near 30 questions, plus 2 extra that asked for political affiliation but they only used 10 to create their Index.

OK. Now if you as a white person, or a person of the Caucasus (for those in Rio Linda that means Caucasian), and you have rarely met an African-American, or have strong opinions about the social welfare programs of this country, and might even have some unfavorable opinions of the current civil rights movement, then you my friend are a racist.

For me, being a white American, I don't know how I would round out in their "index". I have only met a few true African-Americans in my life. Fortunately, I have lived many years in a college town and have indeed met a few African-Americans. One of my newest good friends is an Indian-American from the Christian part of India. I have had the opportunity to even meet a few Africans who were at the university on student-Visas. I have nothing against these people. They came to America to better their lives and get a GREAT education compared to where they were living.

But, please explain to me how my feelings toward new citizens from Africa could determine my level of racism? What if I hate Asians? What if I hate Muslims? Doesn't Barack HUSSEIN Obama have a muslim heritage? Why wouldn't a person's hatred of muslims factor in to whether or not that person votes for Obama. No, it has to be his perceived race.

Here is one of their questions to determine racism:
If the presidential election were being held TODAY and you HAD TO CHOOSE between… Barack Obama, the Democrat, and John McCain, the Republican (choices rotated) who would you be more likely to vote for?

From what you know about each of these three candidates as people, please tell me whether or not you think they would FIT IN WELL WITH PEOPLE IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.

And, please explain to me how it can be racism to not vote for Obama when his mother was white? Is it still racism when you can only hate half a person?? Also, I have GREAT concerns and questions over our current social welfare programs. I believe too much money is thrown away in these programs. And many of these programs have harmed poor families by rewarding them when their families break up. A poor family will actually make more money if one parent is not in the family than if the family was intact. Many black radio pundits have expressed their concerns time and time again how they believe social welfare programs have pushed black families apart. Can a black man who is against social welfare programs be racist against Obama? Can a wealthy white person who bemoans all the taxation he has to pay that goes toward paying people to not work be a racist cause he also will not vote for the socialist Marxist Obama?

The next index they use to determine your level of racism is how whites feel about the civil rights movement. While I have nothing against the civil rights movement of MLK's day, I have a great problem with today's movement. Today's "civil rights" movement is all about greed and promoting racism. So, am I racist when I doubt the motivations of the current movement's leaders?

The funny thing about polls and indexes is that they show you what you want. Or they show you information but you have no idea what it means because you did not structure the questions to adequately disprove your hypothesis.

For example consider this question:
From what you know about Barack Obama, do you think he has enough experience in politics and government to be a good president, or not?

Whites YES = 38
Non-Whites YES = 60

Whites NO = 55
Non-Whites NO = 32

Now, looking at that result, one would say that if "non-white's" answers are pro-, then the white's answers are opposing. And, the extent of that difference determines the level of racism.

Uh-oh. According to this result, this kind of puts a kink in their idea of WHITE racism.
If the choices for president in November are Barack Obama, the Democrat, and John McCain, the Republican, how important will the candidates’ race be to your voting decision? Will it be…

Whites (Most Important Factor) = 11
Non-Whites (Most Important Factor) = 20

Whites (One of Several Factors) = 17
Non-Whites (One of Several Factors) = 26

Whites (Not Important Factor) = 69
Non-Whites (Not Important Factor) = 51

So, even according to the liberal MSM bias-based index on racism, the people that they interviewed show that there was no white racism. However, looking at the results, I can see a black racism. Or, to put it in MSM-speak... black preference.

Here is another loaded question that even Newsweek's polled people would not fall for:
Judging from people you know or come in contact with, do you think a black candidate like Barack Obama could get enough support from white voters to be elected president, OR do you think he wouldn't be able to get enough white support because he is black?

Some questions they had the answers broken out by white on-white, but for many others the only breakdown is by political leanings of the white respondents.

Here is another of their unbiased questions:
Would you mind if a black person with equal income and education moved into your block?

If you had a daughter who was dating someone who was black, do you think you would be...(Okay with it), (A little upset), (Very Upset), (Don't Know).

And despite the fact that many answers showed no, quote "racism" unquote, here is how Newsweek showed the results:

Racial Resentment Index

HIGH (White DemLean Dem) = 29
HIGH (White RepLean Rep) = 42

MEDIUM (White DemLean Dem) = 34
MEDIUM (White RepLean Rep) = 44

LOW (White DemLean Dem) = 37
LOW (White RepLean Rep) = 14

The range of possible scores is 0-10. LOW to MEDIUM has a score of 0 to 4 or two points for each. A HIGH score is 5 to 10 or a total of 6 points. Not quite a balanced, equally-split result huh? Your answer has a greater chance of being HIGH than one of the other two.

Therefore, white republicans or whites who lean republican are racist. You learn more about yourself everyday.



#1 Kevin 27-May-2008
"What if I hate Asians? What if I hate Muslims?"

I work for the NYT. Do you mind if I quote you? Here's the one I'm going to use:

"...I hate Asians ... I hate Muslims..."

#2 No Name 27-May-2008
I think it was hypothetical statement, I am Asian do not take offense to that. Most political people take a statement targeted at one person and turn into a race/community thing in an attempt to ge more mileage out of it. That is my2 cents.
#3 captainfish 27-May-2008
He was joking. Kevin was pointing out how the MSM love to take people out of context and use altered words to drive their own message of hate and division.
#4 Jewels 27-May-2008

Why poll only Caucasian people? Why not poll black- or 'African Americans' voters?
#5 captainfish 27-May-2008
Thanks for visiting Brian's illustrious site.

They did poll whites and non-whites. but they were only interested in how racist whites were. Please note my comment above that highlighted how non-whites will use race in determining their candidate in their poll.

It is not that they only polled whites, but they only focused on whites. And then they had to skew the results to fit their mold that white people are racist. But like I said, if you look at how their poll was created and the results obtained, any results that differed from blacks was determined to be from racism.
#6 Kevin 27-May-2008
Hehe, sorry. I thought it was obvious what I was doing, but I can see how with a quick read, that comment might tick some people off. That wasn't my intention.
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