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The Religion of Peace (and being above criticism)

A love letter from the lovely Islamic paradise that is Karachi, posted in response to Geert Wilders' Fitna:

No religion has any right to criticize other's religion, it is ethically wrong.
those who does so are real COWARDS....if you wanna fight with muslims, come to the ground instead of taking such silly steps like releasing idotic and nonsense movie....if you have the courage, come in front to fight muslims. If everyone in the world is behind muslims this is because they know how powerful we muslims are....and these cowards are afraid of fighting us openly.....

May Allah show you the right path of life

Call for jihad much, Ameen? (I guess "Sara" is the name you use when you clock in for Dell tech support, huh?)

Now DMartyr knows that it's ethically wrong to criticize other's religion. I guess that's going to put a crimp on the posting around here for a while... ;)



#1 Cletus 29-May-2008
A MUSLIM saying someone ELSE is too cowardly to fight in the open? Aren't Israeli and American troops ALL OVER your muslim lands, on the ground, ready to fight? And what kills them? IEDS! 8 Year old suicide bombers! Who is it who launches rockets from schools and mosques and hospitals? MUSLIMS!! Who is it who throw on burkas to disguise themselves and their weapons? MUSLIMS!!! Who is it who snipe women and children as they walk home; who plant bombs on handicapped buses; who don the enemies uniform to easier kill civilans? MUSLIMS, THAT'S WHO! And then a MUSLIM has the gall to call ANYONE a coward? Disgusting.
#2 DMartyr 29-May-2008
Damn. If I can't ethically criticize a death cult, then there's no point in going on...
#3 Steve (Brussels) 01-Jun-2008
The message from those beard-monkeys is clear: "Those who criticize islam need to be slaughtered!" And those monkey idiots think that their "religion of Hate" is the only "path to salvation"!
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