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Gerry Connolly's Fairfax County

Is it now the official position of the Fairfax County government that illegal aliens are more welcome than the U.S. Military? Sure seems that way:

This week, the Fairfax County School Board threatened to sue the Army.


This is pretty petty to start with. Although the County projects that next year’s school population growth of 3,541 (not all of which is due to the base realignment) will require “an additional $22 million in spending and 358 new positions,” the overall impact on the County’s economy will clearly be positive:

* Over 20,000 jobs (net) will be moved into the county.
* 6.2 million square feet of office space will be built in the county.
* $3.8 billion will be spent on construction within the county, supporting nearly 8500 employees per year over 5 years.

That kind of economic stimulus is why counties are usually upset when their bases are closed, not when a base moves in.

Ok, I understand that Fairfax County is just trying to shake down the Federal Government for as much money as it can get. That’s ugly, but hardly unprecedented. But they need to understand how bad it looks when they welcome illegal immigrants with open arms, but give the cold shoulder to the Army.

Considering how much of this County's economy depends on the U.S. Military, the Board is definitely beginning to tread in dangerous waters. As I look out my window here in McLean, I can see two dozen other companies that are working on DOD projects as we speak. These companies are, thanks to the tax and spend policies of the Board, already paying through the nose for the supposed convenience of our locality. Does the Board really think that piling on more taxes (via litigation) is going to encourage these companies to stay?

Those of us who are reality-minded know better.

Be sure to hop over and read the full article, which is full of plenty of juicy details. Greg over at BVBL has more excellent commentary as well.

In other news, over in Gerry Connolly's Town of Vienna, we have yet another instance of warm, comforting cultural diversity, sanctioned and supported by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors:
On May 26 at approximately 10:16 p.m., Officer Ken Smith of the Town of Vienna Police Department was summoned to the intersection of Center Street and Shepherdson Lane in Vienna. Units from the Fairfax County Police Department were speaking with a 17 year old female regarding an incident that had occurred within the Town of Vienna.

The girl stated that in the 200 block of Maple Avenue West a Hispanic male in his 30’s, approximately 6’ tall with short brown hair and a mustache, wearing a yellow button down short sleeve shirt and blue jeans, began following her and speaking to her in Spanish. The female victim spoke Spanish as well. The subject was further described as riding a green bicycle.

The man said he had seen the girl earlier and she was with a boy. He stated he was 22 years old, from Honduras, and wanted to be her boyfriend. At this point the man grabbed the girl’s arms and began pushing her down a dirt trail near Shepherdson Lane. The girl began screaming and the man put his hand around her throat. The girl was able to fight the subject off and flee.

Vienna police are seeking to speak with witnesses who heard the victims screams as she was being attacked. Those witnesses, or anyone else with information about the case should call Detective Tina Brook at 703.255.6395.

Of course, the Town of Vienna is an independent government, and isn't directly ruled by Gerry Connolly. It is interesting to note that his office, which is in the same building as I am sitting in now (only a handful of floors higher), is right across the street from the Town border. So, in a sense, Gerry is able to look over such glorious diversity on a daily basis, and still he refuses to acknowledge that there's any problem at all in our County.

Great leadership comes from within, unless you're a Gerry Connolly Democrat.

For them, passing the buck is quite good enough.



#1 captainfish 30-May-2008
People like that make me sick. AS if all these people moving in are not going to be paying taxes at all.

And, please explain how they need a 10:1 student:teacher ratio??
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