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Daily Dictator (Rosy-cheeked USA version)

With much reverence to Brian's (eerie) fascination with foreign dictators, I just had to include these as part of a new theme that I think I might want to work on. Depending on who wins the election, we might just have our own dictator-president. And, I would like to thank Sweetness-n-Light in presenting these pics to me so that I can have fun with them.

So, without much further fanfare, I bring you.....


Yeah. I know. Kind of makes you sick to your stomach, doesn't it? Looks like she is dosing again.

Check out this pick of her. But I warn you. What you may see may not be kind to your health.

This is what happens when one drinks too much. Why are we seeing so many photos of her always drinking alcohol? I got nothing against someone who drinks....... but should a candidate for president always have liquor in hand? What does this say about how they will rule the world? If the campaign is driving her to drink (again), then how will she handle the presidency. Every man who has entered office has had his hair greyed significantly over his term(s).

Head on over to S&L to see all the pics that is (not) fit to print.

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