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Proper Use Of A File Photo

Thank you for coming to class today. Today, we are going to discuss the proper, or rather the improper, use of file photos. As you know, file photos are shots that are used to generally display the topic of your article. For example, if one were to talk of whales and cite a recent research showing their grissly death due to global warming, you could find a file photo of a nice happy whale swimming in the sea. You have to make sure that the whale is of the same species that your article is referring to. And, preferably, in the same body of water or region.

So, for our first real example, I give you this webpage. Now, in case Ma'an News decides to correct their mistake, I have created a screen capture of the offending webpage and post it here.

Now, notice that the story talks of an bombing by an failure of a palestinian homicide bomber. Actually, in this case, we can accurately call this person a SUICIDE bomber because when he blew up his vehicle that was LOADED with explosives, he only managed to kill himself. Tack one up for the useful idiots.

So, as this story describes how an idiot only killed himself and wasted expensive gasoline in his failed attempt to kill the evil Zionist Pigs (yes, that is a joke, don't report me), Ma'an News decides to show a photo of an explosion. Boy, doesn't that look like a really great explosion. The only caption Ma'an News places on the image is that it belongs to MaanImages. It sure seems to imply that they were just lucky enough to get photographic evidence of the dumpkoff's suicidal bombing.

Now, if you would, click on that image for me. What do you notice. Well, yes, it is a thumbnail image. They are asking you to further click to see the image. Some give up at this point. But, we as intrepid scholars that we are, shall trundle on. Click the "enlarge" button below the image. Now, please tell me what you see shown as the caption for this wondrous explosive laden picture. Do you see this?.....

A controlled Israeli Army explosion is seen as the liaison offices of the Israeli Army are destroyed in the evacuated Kfar Darom settlement in the central of Gaza Strip September 11, 2005.

This is a photo of a "controlled" Israeli Army demolition of one of their office buildings .... IN 2005!!!!!!!!

Ma'an News..... YOU GET AN F !!!!!

And no, just because they both occurred in Gaza does not make it ok. (Sheesh, why do I bother teaching any more)

Now, you want to have an accurate photo to go along with your story?!?!? Why not CHOOSE THIS ONE?!!?!? As it is actually the truck that was blown up in the actual border crossing on the actual day it happened.

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