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Alien Video A Hoax?

A Denver man claims he has video proof of aliens visiting earth. Joining the minute number of only one billion or so nutters who have actually claimed contact with space aliens, Jeff Peckman provided video proof of alien existence. Sort of. Okay, he didn't provide [ed self-censor: "ca-ca"] other than a grainy, inconclusive video I could have made with a cheap video phone and a rubber mask. And why wouldn't we believe a man who refuses to release the footage?

The guys over at The Spoof seem to have evidence of a hoax:

"Firstly in the bottom of the right hand corner there is a faint inscriptions which appears to say 'eBaumsworld'. We also noted a striking similarity between the long, featureless face of the 'creature' and the face of Sarah Jessica Parker. We think it might be an unused outtake from the Sex and the City movie..."

In real world news, I, DMartyr, will be releasing video footage this weekend of an alien life form peeking through a window at Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama during his Muslim prayers.

Look for it on Fox.



#1 Cletus 31-May-2008
I saw this on Larry King last night. Apparently the footage is being examined by scientists and video analysts etc. Apparently it's taken 5 years to analyze the video. I believe in aliens and I believe aliens visit this planet, although I don't know what to think of this guy. The single frame he has released from the video doesn't look like much.
#2 Amy 02-Jun-2008
For someone who chooses to name himself "Cletus", your comment speaks volumes. Clearly.

The video everyone is claiming is a "leak" of the Peckman footage is a hoax, and an admitted one, some kid decided to show the world how easy it was to fake such a thing by doing it himself.

I think Peckman is nuts, frankly. I do believe that in this massive universe there cannot possibly be just one planet with intelligent life, however I also think it's impossible that they'd be able to traverse billions of light years just to anally rape us and stare through our living room windows.
#3 Kevin 02-Jun-2008
I am also inclined to believe him. I actually MET an alien once. They are not as scary as many would lead you to believe.

They don't understand English, and speak in a pretty weird language, but I ascertained a few things anyway. Apparently, his name was Hay Soos, and he came from far away.
#4 Kevin 02-Jun-2008
PS - Thanks for telling me who was blocking my comments. I emailed them and they fixed it right away.
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