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Let's Play: Is It News?

To my older readers, I've got a very simple question: What in the world was the news like when it actually discussed the news?

Smart Car Owners Getting Lots of Looks, Love

5 p.m. on Ga. 400, peak hour for road rage. Insults, obscenities and pure frustration abound in bumper-to-bumper traffic. But not for Jerry Attkisson.

He's in rush-hour nirvana.

Smiling passers-by give him a love toot, signal a thumbs-up and even get out their cellphones to snap a quick photo. Attkisson, 66, feels warm and fuzzy inside.

That's because he's driving smart [Ed.:—Let's see how "smart" he is if he gets hit by a Semi...] — as in Smart car, the first micro car to hit the streets of America and still a novelty in Atlanta.

"I call it my eco car," he says. "It's economical. And ecological."

Given the slate of global woes these days — climate change, pollution, congestion and crude oil sticker shock — the Smart feels right for the times, he says.

But, uh, there's another thing. Vanity.

Smart instantly bestows celebrity on its driver.

"I like people looking at me," Attkisson says, grinning.


Feelings, nothing more than feelings. Your average Democratic thought process, so-called.

Seriously, stuff like this isn't news—It's the gossip column. Page Z-92, on a slow news day.

Who cares what kind of car Jerry Attkisson drives? And why in the world is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution so interested in it?

After all, there couldn't possibly be anything more important in the world to discuss than what the latest Prius-one-upping status symbol is...




#1 Cletus 09-Jun-2008
Around here people who drive smart cars are like celebrities. More like Jerry Lewis or Courtney Love though, not anyone good. They get egged constantly, which means the kids growing up around here may not actually be that stupid.

my 300 pound english teacher had one when they first came out. watching her get in and out of it was a hoot. how I wish I could go back in time and tip it.
#2 captainfish 10-Jun-2008
That is all this fad is about... Vanity. This is all about how these cars make the drivers feel. That is all the "green" movement is about. Guilt and vanity. I got no problem with people trying to assuage their guilt from using resources, but why should their guilt apply to any one else?

And, what is so smart with owning a car that is still smaller than you when you are sitting down? If I were to sit down and am still sitting taller than the car, there ain't no way I am going to fit comfortably into that car. I might as well get a go-cart.

Seriously, how safe can these things be? How safe are these cars against a tractor trailer rig's bow wake? Can these things even survive a 15mph crash? Let alone a major highway crash?

As the mandate for lighter and lighter vehicles has come down, more and more deaths from minor accidents has increased.

How is this smart when the car costs as much as or more than a regular car? How does he know these people are happy. They could be flipping him off and screaming at him because he gets favored status on the highway's POV lanes.

Is this a state sponsored religion? State showing favoritism to some people? How can this be legal? How would these people feel if the state gave free train rides to the top 10% of wage earners? Or, in today's light, how would people feel if illegals got in-state tuition. NOT FAIR IS IT.
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