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It figures that the very day we get internet service to the new place, we get some nasty weather, and lose power. Which means I'm way behind on everything that's going on yet again. Until I get caught up, here's Mahmoud, touching a woman to which he is not married:

Don't people get arrested for this in George Bush's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Iran?



#1 busywolf 05-Jun-2008
It's alright, that's the finger that he stuck in Khomeini's a*** a few days ago.
#2 Cletus 05-Jun-2008
Bom Chikka Wow Wow, Chikka Chikka Bom Chikka Wow, Chicka Bom Bom, Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka, Oonce Chikka Bow Wow Oonce Chikka Chikka Waaaah
#3 captainfish 05-Jun-2008
"Yes, pull ma finger"

"No, I can't. I am not allowed to touch the Mahdi"

"Yes, pull ma finga"

"Can't I just take a picture of it instead? It seems to smell real bad"
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