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#1 captainfish 06-Jun-2008
mmmm.. where's my marshmallows
#2 WhackaDhimmi 07-Jun-2008
DMartyr, you're cross-posting? ... In case you wanted to keep this more discreet ...
#3 DMartyr 07-Jun-2008
I post at Al Salibiyyah as well.

But if you are referring to another blog, get your facts straight before you accuse someone.

1) I am an active user at LiveLeak, and I am subscribed to IRAQI_TRANSLATOR, the person who posted this video. I posted this after checking my LiveLeak account.

2) If I use another blog's story, I credit them.

I'm sure the Admin at your blog can confirm whether my IP has visited before or after I posted this, or if I've visited at all. Have them check and I'll await your apology for your false accusations.

And if Brian is tracking this sort of thing, I'm certain he can confirm I came to post here straight from LiveLeak.

How's that for "discreet"?
#4 WhackaDhimmi 07-Jun-2008
DMartyr, no accusation or offense intended. There's nothing whatsoever wrong with cross posting.

Since I see the same posts at Al Salibyyah and didn't see a "cross posted at ..." note, it seemed you might have wanted the cross posting kept discreet.
#5 DMartyr 07-Jun-2008
Not at all. Al Salibiyyah is my own blog, and I post here as a guest blogger, thanks to Brian. Occasionally, I post different things at each, but often take advantage of SnappedShot's earned reputation on posts that I feel need more exposure.

My apologies if I sounded harsh. My initial read of your post was that I may have copied from another blog without giving proper credit. But I see I misread it.

Thanks for clearing it up and again, I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions.

#6 WhackaDhimmi 07-Jun-2008
I was trying to be succinct but clearly failed!

Cat's out of the bag now, eh? :-)

Good posts, by the way, thanks!
#7 captainfish 07-Jun-2008
Can we roast marshmallows now?

Please, Oh please?
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