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A Lost Cause

Personally, in response to 9/11, I think every country that sponsors Islamic terrorism should have been turned into a sheet of glass. I know many innocent people would have died in the process, but long term, it would have saved many more innocent lives. That is the same reasoning used in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It brought a savage, unrepentant enemy to its knees and prevented a prolonged war which would have ultimately resulted in many more casualties.

The modern day Western idea of warfare seems to be to turn an enemy into a friend. Theoretically, that is a grand idea. Realistically, it is impossible when applied to a certain enemy. People whose entire existential ideology rejects democracy and human rights cannot change. People who abhor the freedom Americans take for granted do not want to be free. And people who would rather rejoice in the death of free people will never embrace them as friends.

There is a limit to kindness and compassion and democracy. You cannot force it on people who don't want it. The Iraqi war has become a lost cause - not because we are unwilling to fight for the oppressed, but because some people simply do not want to be free.

Actor Omar Sharif tried to explain this to George Bush. Apparently Bush was unable to comprehend an entire population who would rather remain slaves than to enjoy democracy:

Sharif said that he spoke with President Bush before the beginning of the Iraq War and told him that Arab nations are made up of sects resistant to becoming democratized.

"I said to Bush, even before he entered Iraq: Forget about all that. We, the Arabs... We are not like [regular countries]," said Sharif. "You will drown there.

After being asked what Bush's response was, the actor stated: "He didn't believe me."



#1 Barrack O. 08-Jun-2008
Sharif said the "East" will never have a democracy because people [b]like him[/b] "prefer to go to the neighborhood sheik."

Wow. I wonder if islam being all about submission is to blame for this phenomenon. But if so, why would one willingly submit to a local sheik, but not to a government?
#2 Cletus 09-Jun-2008
Countries that should have been nuked off the bat:

Afghanistan (99% muslim, 31.5 million of them)
Pakistan (97% muslim, 160 million muslims)
Syria (88% muslim, 16.2 million of them)
Iraq (97% muslim, 25.3 million of them)
Iran (98% muslim, 64 million of them)
Saudi Arabia ("100%" muslim, 26.4 million of them)
Kuwait (85% muslim, 2 million of them)
Qatar (85% muslim, 820 thousand of them)
Bahrain (93% muslim, 660 thousand of them)
UAE (76% muslim, 1.95 million of them)
Yemen (99% muslim, 20.5 million of them)
Oman (99% muslim, 3 million of them)
Somalia (99.8% muslim, 8.6 million of them)
Dijibouti(95% muslim, 500 thousand of them
Eritrea (60% muslim, 4.9 million of them)
Sudan (65% muslim, 26.1 million muslims)
Tunisia (99% muslim, 10 million of them)
Algeria (99% muslim, 33 million of them)
Niger (95% muslim, at least 12.25 million)
Mali (90% muslim, 10.8 million of them)
Senegal (95% muslim, 11.9 million of them)
Azerbaijan (around 95% muslim, at least 7.6 million of them)
Mauritania (99% muslim, 3 million of them)
Comoros (99% muslim, 665 thousand of them)
Maldives (99.9% muslim, 350 thousand of them)
Tajikistan (95% muslim, 6.8 million of them)
Uzbekistan (89% muslim, 23.9 million of them)
Turkmenistan (89% muslim, 4.4 million of them)
Kyrgystan (80% muslim, 4.1 million of them)
Guinea (85% muslim, 8 million of them)

Of course some sort of extraction operation would need to be carried out first to rescue non-muslims before the attacks where carried out

Libya (97% muslim, 6 million of them)
Jordan (95% muslim, 5.5 million of them)
Turkey (98% muslim, 70 million of them)
Morocco (99% muslim, 33 million of them)
Egypt (90% muslim, 80.3 million)
In these specific countries, extra caution would be needed to protect the large amount of ancient and beautiful ruins and artifacts from destruction

Albania (70% muslim, 2.7 million of them)
Bangladesh (88% muslim, 132.5 million)
Israel (gaza and west bank, 4 million muslims)
Lebanon (60% muslim, 3.6 million of them)
These countries would need to be dealt with without nukes, so as to save the nearby non-muslim population from harm and also so that when they reclaim their land it is not a smoking wasteland

Indonesia (88% muslim, 207 million of them)
Malaysia (60% muslim, 14.5 million of them)
Brunei (64% muslim, 374 thousand of them)

There are lots of intense endangered animals in these countries, such as the Javan Rhino and the Sumatran Tiger. The population is densely packed so it would not be hard to wipe them out without destroying the environment there.

Bosnia (40% muslim, 1.8 million of them)
Nigeria (50% muslim,64.4 million of them)
Chad (54% muslim, 5.3 million of them)
Burkina Faso ( 52% muslim, 7.5 million of them)
Ivory Coast (39% muslim, 6.7 million of them)
Guinea-Bissau (38% muslim, 540 thousand of them)
Tanzania (35% muslim, 12.9 million of them)
Macedonia (33% muslim, 385 thousand of them)

These are countries which still have a large large number of non-muslims, so it's doubtful it would be possible to get them all out. These nations out require a more lengthy ground operations against the muslims, although with the muslim powerhouse countries gone they would not put up nearly as hard a fight.

Many other countries with less than a third muslim population would need to be purged of them, including Suriname, Malawi, Mozambique, and Cameroon. sizable populations in Europe, North America, India and China would also need to be wiped out, but that wouldn't be too hard
#3 DMartyr 09-Jun-2008
Good list, Cletus. The world would certainly be a better place without the countries on the first list.

But think about all the people who work in defense and weapons industries - not just in America, but around the globe. They'd all be unemployed without muslims, since muslims are responsible for a majority of all world wars.
#4 Cletus 09-Jun-2008
Hey, we would still have robert mugabe, russia, and communist china

and if anyone is wondering why kosovo isn't on that list, it's because there is no such thing as kosovo.
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