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BBC & Palestinian Propaganda

HonestReporting uncovered this blatant Palestinian propaganda, which was fueled by a reporter for the BBC. This is how the BBC's Aleem Maqbool covered the story:

One weekday last year, at about three in the afternoon, Israeli armoured jeeps moved into the centre of Ramallah, pulling up outside the most popular hummus cafe.

In full view of passers-by, including children on their way back from school, the troops dragged a man in his early 20s out of the cafe. He was a wanted militant. They shot him - first in the legs, then stomach, then his head.

Within minutes, the "Palestinian reflex" had kicked in. Schoolboys piled into the area to throw stones at the soldiers until they left. As we arrived, the troops fired back with live bullets, injuring four people, before the jeeps sped out of the city.

Once the army had gone, I have to say, I was a little surprised to see grown Palestinian men standing by the side of the road, weeping and hugging, and teenagers who'd been throwing stones, breaking down.

And this is what really happened according to the IDF, supported by accounts reported by Ha'aretz, The New York Times and AFP:

The force identified Abed Al-Halim aiming his AK-47 assault rifle at them and opened fire at him. Abed Al-Halim attempted to flee the scene. Forces fired at him once more and identified hitting him. The soldiers ceased fire at the moment Abed Al-Halim no longer posed a threat to him. ...

During the operation, shots were fired and stones were hurled at the Border Police force, which responded with warning shots and specific fire at an identified source of fire. The IDF has received no information regarding civilian injuries and no such claims were registered with the DCO.



#1 Kevin 08-Jun-2008
Well, it's true that the palestinian reflex is to throw rocks at people... Someone should organize a peace march and pick up all of the rocks in Gaza and the West Bank. That way when palestinians go into a violent rage over something, they'd have not ammo!
#2 captainfish 08-Jun-2008
Kevin, that would make a new Dead Sea. Is that what you want? Well, sounds like a great plan. Look at all the tourists that go to the Dead Sea and just lie there. Israel could make millions.

BBC used to be the news of record for England. Now it seems to be The Independent (irony?).

Israel needs to start being afraid of responding in self-defense. If they are being attacked.... shoot back!!! The more this occurs, the fewer people will throw rocks.

I am praying that Olmert goes into Gaza in his attempt to prove he isn't a crook, sleeze, and a wuss. But, once a wuss, always a wuss. If he does, it will be primarily symbolic.
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