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PC Islam In The Classrooms

Our public school systems doing their part in Jihad...

A Maryland school is now using textbooks that try to make Islam look peaceful. Apparently, pro-Islamic groups demanded that the book only show positive aspects of the religion (if that's possible), while down playing any violent aspects.

For example, the students will not be taught that raped women who cannot prove the crime could be buried up to their shoulders and pummeled with fist-sized rocks until they are dead. They will not be told that gays are arrested and labelled as "rapist" and are either hung or placed in a canvas bag, beaten, and then thrown off a cliff. The students will not be taught about the bigotry of Islam, that a woman is worth half the value of a man, or that non-Muslims can be tortured, enslaved, or even slaughtered without legal repercussions.

No, they will be taught that Islam is the religion of peace, and it's all the fault of us apes and pigs that the faith has a bad name.

Allahu achbar!



#1 Steve (Brussels) 09-Jun-2008
...and the children will not be taught that it is OK to marry a 6 year old girl and penetrate her when she is 9 --just like the Pedo-Prophet did in the eight century!

Allah Ahkbar!
#2 DMartyr 09-Jun-2008
Steve, that's Allahu [b]ach[/b]bar.

That's Hebrew for "allah is a mouse"
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