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Daily Dictator

Mahmoud the hairstylist—Yet more proof that there are, in fact, gays in Iran:

"Maybe a little shorter over the ears..."

Happy Father's Day, y'all!



#1 busywolf 15-Jun-2008
A pedophile in action. The picture is absolutely obscene.
#2 Pirate's Cove 15-Jun-2008

Happy Sunday! Another wonderful day in, this one celebrating good old pop, who taught us to ride a bike, amused us with the levitating elephant trick*, and didn’t freak out while teaching us to drive a stick shift. This pinup is by Gil Elvgren,...
#3 Cletus 15-Jun-2008
kid doesn't look too happy.
#4 Donkeyrock 15-Jun-2008
#5 captainfish 17-Jun-2008
That just gives me the shivers more than that video of the little girl dancing for money from pedophiles.

Cletus, you are right. He needs to be taken out and his country purified.
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