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Slimy Chris Matthews Belittles Death of Tim Russert

From the great and wonderful (cough, gag) MSNBC and Keith "I hate all things" Olberman, comes this interview with Chris Matthews and his thoughts on the passing of Tim Russert. Chris, always the slime-ball and America-hater, has to use the passing of a good man as another excuse to attack America and the current president. You only need to watch the first 3 minutes of this to get your fill of sewage and garbage.

I mean, you knew it was going to be bad because Olberman was hosting the show. I think it says alot about our country that a show like Olberman's is still running.



#1 ALK 16-Jun-2008
You right wing bigots who support a war based on Bush lies and is bankrupting the country rant but the reality of all this is an economy in the dumper, a war that is costing thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars, gas and food prices skyrocking and a president who has committed endless crimes. Those of you who think the Bush administration is doing a good job are those who do not let the facts get in the way of their own insane judgement.
#2 captainfish 17-Jun-2008
As to Right-Wing bigots, are you referring to Right-Wing Christian bigots, or Right-Wing Republican bigots, or Right-Wing Conservative bigots, or Right-Wing neo-con bigots, or Right-Wing neo-natzi bigots?

You have to be specific if you are going to be name-calling. I mean, I don't know if I am going to take offense or not if I can't tell if your powerful argument was directed at me or not.

As for bigot, can you please cite and example of what bigotry you are referring to?

And I agree with your second point. The rant that Bush's lies are bankrupting this nation is just that.. a rant. There is no truth to that rumor. I actually believe his truths are what are causing the debt to pile up. I mean, there is no reason we should be believing him, right? If he lies, then how can we believe his truths? And if his truths are lies, then can you trust his lies? I can't believe this fascist dictator was put in to office by half of the people of the US. I mean, what is it going to take to get rid of this dictator. Dictators never leave office, right. Are we going to have to deal with him and his lying truths for the next few decades?

And I agree with you other point. This economy is in the dumper because that is where the americans wont go. It is because of all the illegals going into those dumpers that is driving our economy. Like the saying says, where your illegals are, there your economy will be also. tho my heart will always be in the NorthWest.

And you are right. This WAR has cost thousands upon thousands upon millions of american lives. this has to end. haven't we lost more soldiers in these last 5 years than we did in just the D-Day invasion of Europe? If that is true, then that is just insanity to let this continue. We need to pull out now. Pulling out early is always a good thing. And, those we are arguing with over there will understand and leave us alone from now on should we say we are sorry and pull out. Like mom says, pull out or you will be sorry.

And I can't believe it either. Is this 5 year war really costing Trillions of dollars? WOW. I only heard it was costing only tens of billions of dollars for both Iraq and Afghanistan fronts. But as you are the authority on the budgeting for the war, I have to believe you. I can't believe that this war is now costing more than our country's entire budget for a single year. this is atrocious. We must call for an early pull out and a rebate of the money we have paid in. Iraq owes us. As we have lost millions of soldiers fighting their war, they should pay our war dead like Saudi Arabia pays for the Pal Arabs martyr bombers. right, ALK? You with me bro?

But here we have a problem. I agree with you that Bush has committed numerous crimes against humanity and war crimes and even goat-incest, but how are you going to bring him up on charges when he is our dictator in his fascist government? The only way we can bring him to justice is to forcibly remove him with our military and remove his court-appointed priests as well. But, unfortunately our military is oversees. Only if there was a way to have our own people overthrow him. Dang it. Unfortunately we don't let people own guns. So, I guess we can use rocks.

So, if you are as pissed about Bush and his crimes against goat-herders, then lets go get some rocks and stone the white house this weekend. That will drive him out of there and allow us to install whomever we want to rule. It will be then that our government can take over these oil and water companies and take their profits and give it back to the poor, or people making less than $50K per year.
#3 ESM 26-Jun-2008
ALK: GROW SOME BALLS MORON. Are you AWARE of the world around you? I'm a conservative and have dedicated my life's work to the betterment of others- and sometimes- you have to fight the hard fight. War within the Middle East was inevitable and frankly, I'm more interested in a PREVENTATIVE effort than a RESPONSIVE effort. There is/has been grave problems in that area for decades- and by the way, you conveniently fail to mention that we haven't been attacked SINCE SEPTEMBER 11TH. So do us all a favor and read some books - frankly, you make me nervous.
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