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IDF Destroys Hamas Body Armor

Palestinian Body Armor

Hiding behind their usual shield of children and women, the noble "freedom fighters" of Hamas are complaining that Israel killed a piece of their body armor...

The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday killed a Palestinian girl and a Hamas gunman in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials said, shortly before a mortar shell fired by Gaza militants lightly wounded a man in the western Negev.

An IDF spokesman said a ground force had opened fire early Wednesday at militants who had been attempting to fire rockets into Israel from a built-up area in the Strip. He said he was unaware of any civilian casualties.

Whenever I read articles like the one above, I always think of the famous quote by Golda Meir: "Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us." But it is an impossibility. The Islamic ideology forbids Muslims from loving anyone more than Muhammad and Allah. As a Muslim, to protect one's children is a lesser cause than to defend Islam. Jihad comes before all lives, and every life. In the Islamic mindset, the cost of every human being on earth is justified if it ensures none live as non-Muslims.

Humanity must destroy Islam before Islam destroys us.



#1 Cletus 11-Jun-2008
I for one cannot wait until the muslims all over the world start rising up in massive numbers against their host infidel countries. Oh boy oh boy I cannot wait
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