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Morning Fan Mail

It's really unusual for us to get more than one piece of Happy Fun Fan Mail a month, but I'm not complaining. From an earlier article about Iranian "peacekeepers", Md. Amir Hosen checks in to share his deep insight with us:

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Assalamu Alaykum, I am a Banglideshi, Israil Is Busted Country, I hope that very soon Israil Lose her Map. Israil Country Busted, Israil Man Busted, I heat your country, Israil. Hasan. This World Only for muslim not others busted.

If Israil loses her Map, I'm sure Amir will be there to help her find it again.

After all, he did offer so kindly to heat it.

As an added bonus—as if the comment wasn't good enough by itself—the website that Amir posted as his homepage contains a bit of excellence all its own, in the form of building and construction spam:
Pleased to meetcha!



#1 Cletus 11-Jun-2008
hooray he posted his email! :) I hope he likes pictures of mohammed
#2 SumDum Phool 11-Jun-2008
I'm diggin that swell fashion show music on his site! BTW- wtF is that image in the background of the screenshot???
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 11-Jun-2008

How can you NOT love it? Re: the background of the screenshot, I'm guessing that it's [b][i]THE FUTURE OF MY BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION NEEDS[/i][/b].

Either that, or it's some kinda psychedelic conch shell or something.


#4 Terresa Monroe-Hamilton 11-Jun-2008
Yes, but can he find the map with both hands and a flashlight? Heh...
#5 captainfish 11-Jun-2008
glad to see he has an office near by you there Brian.

Who ever created the website can certainly spell better than he can. I wonder what his boss will think of his use of office time and equipment to spread his religion of peace message?
#6 captainfish 11-Jun-2008
dang.. keep missing the "preview" button.


anyway, here is a link to view some very nice images that you might care to share. My favorites are in the extreme category.
#7 Steve (Brussels) 12-Jun-2008
Amir: We do'nt like big Mecca stone. Hope someone will make a big bust of that some day like WTC. Because they say islam is peace and for that reason islam does not need stones like Mecca stone.
#8 TH 13-Jun-2008

Is that the site of Daniel Pipes' brother?
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