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Commonman to the Rescue

From the continuing Communist protest against high gas prices—Because, as everyone knows, the only proven way to reduce prices is to walk around in the streets with a bunch of poorly-spelled signs—we see reference to Commonman, the world's most powerful superhero:

Move over, Superman!

The Communist Party in India seems to be the world leader in Protest Sign Stinkage these days. That's okay, though—They make up for it by being somewhat better looking than their American counterparts.

Incidentally, I hear that giant frickin' muppets are twice as effective at lowering prices, in case anyone from CPI happens to be reading this site.

Blast from the past: I don't think Superman is going to take this challenge sitting down.

Or standing up on a sound stage, as the case may be.

Update: Dpud sends in some suggested superpowers for our new superhero via e-mail:
Commonman, able to destroy functioning economies with one whiny rant!
Commonman, more powerful than the collective strength of a gulag chain gang!
Commonman, he can bury any capitalist pig who dares get in the way of the Revolution!

Feel free to chime in with your own super powers down yonder.

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#1 Cletus 11-Jun-2008
Commonman: He's a dirty pinko, who doesn't deserve to live!
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