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The U.S. Navy, True to Life!

The Navy has apparently commissioned a rather, well, eclectic brochure to be issued in Japan explaining the inner workings of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS George Washington. See the PDF here; I found it over on FR.

I won't go into detail, but suffice to say that the unusual proclivities of Japanese culture might have something to do with the marketing mechanism selected.

At least the Navy's being all forward-thinking and savvy, right?

On a positive note, this campaign has led to one of the most stunningly accurate depictions of life aboard a Navy vessel that I've seen to date—I reckon this means it's not my dad's Navy any longer:

Yep, it sure ain't.



#1 captainfish 11-Jun-2008
Dang.. that aint right.
Why are we creating anime cartoons for the Japanese about our aircraft carriers??

Is that what my $1 Trillion in Military budget went to?
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