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"Which Routinely Accepts Responsibility"

"Members of the media document," which seems almost like shades of Qana to me. Can you count the photographers? (h/t Soccer Dad)

The press, which routinely blames Israel for the exploding houses of terrorists, seems to have had some kind of change-of-heart in its reporting in the Palestinian "terror-tories." Check out this AP caption, which is typical of this series of photographs documenting a "mysterious" explosion in Beit Lahiya:

Palestinians carry a wounded man dug out of the rubble after an explosion destroyed a building in the town of Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip, Thursday, June 12, 2008. A powerful blast flattened the two-story house of a militant commander in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing three people, including a baby girl and a boy, injuring 40 and burying an unknown number of others under the rubble, Gaza's Hamas rulers and a Palestinian health official said. Hamas said the blast was caused by an Israeli airstrike. But Israel, which routinely accepts responsibility for attacks on militant targets, said it was not involved.(AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)
We've discussed these magical self-destructing houses before. The same old refrain sounds again and again: "Local sources say" that an Israeli missile destroyed the house, "Palestinian medical sources" that Israel was responsible for the attack, etc. etc.

Invariably, though, it's eventually discovered that some low-life terrorist just happened to have brought his proverbial work home with him, and just as often, it is this same explosive "paperwork" which is ultimately found to be the cause of the destruction. Or "rapid compression," if you will.

Consider the AP's newfound moderate line on this latest event, though. From their official report:

Israel's denial raised the possibility that the blast was caused by explosives meant for use against Israel that went off prematurely.

Is it possible that the press is finally showing some good, old-fashioned restraint in its Middle East reporting? Perhaps letting the facts on the ground tell the story, rather than shoe-horning events into some traditionally awful anti-Western viewpoint? Or perhaps that members of our esteemed media establishments have finally noticed that Hamas is a rather brutal, totally corrupt regime?

Media sources a bit farther to the left are leading with the Hamas claims, but they are acknowledging reports that an "internal explosion" could be responsible, too.

Maybe this means, instead, that the Israeli military finally putting some actual effort into getting its official storyline out to the media in a timely manner.

Whatever the reason for this change in tone, I'm certainly pleased, and hope that this new editorial policy will help reduce the need for caption corrections in the future.

After all, fewer corrections means fewer dead trees, right?



#1 Cletus 12-Jun-2008
maybe AP finally got around to actually sitting down and [i]reading[/i] snappedshot instead of just going suecrazy
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