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What do you think the AP photog is trying to imply with this photo of Obamassiah in Wisconsin "town hall" meeting (cough, cough).

Take a look at the photo and tell me what you think.

For me, Obamassiah, leaning to the left of America, trying to impose his will upon it and CHANGE this country into his vision..... which leans to the left of liberalism (democrat-ic party).

Ok, how about this photo of Obamassiah represented like the typical Renaissance Holy Jesus type painting. What do you think the message is here? Out of the several dozens of images on yahoo news today out of Wisconsin, MANY of them had Obamassiah with an American flag in the shot with him. Over-compensating?

Now, if you have not gotten sick enough yet to run to the bathroom. I offer up this photo and caption as my way of losing one's lunch.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., hugs Pamela Cash-Roper after she spoke at his economy speech, Monday, June 9, 2008, at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, N.C. Roper, a lifelong Republican, told the crowd that she and her husband are struggling because of medical problems, losing their jobs and the high price of gas and prescription drugs.

Now, tell me that doesn't just make you sick. When such an obvious lie comes about from the media as a willing participant in the propaganda pushed by a political campaign, can one ever again trust the media. Remember the days when news was just news?

If this woman can be proved that she was ever a real republican, I will vote for Obama. Real Republicans don't whine and moan and cry (well maybe some do. I do cry when I see the gas prices double in 2 years). Real Republicans get off their duff and help themselves out of the holes they get in to. If they have problems with gas, they do something else. If they lose their jobs, they get another one. Real Republicans do not look to Marxists and the liberal government welfare programs to bail them out. Sheesh. And why did both she and her husband lose their jobs?

And yet, Congress passed an amendment to the Defense Reauthorization Act effectively...

...prohibiting the Department of Defense (DOD) from engaging in publicity or "propaganda" programs, banning funding for such programs and calling for an investigation by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) into the DOD Military Analyst Program. The justification is that Pentagon briefings on current operations presented to retired military pundits amounted to manipulating the media, and that it deceived the public with false information about the Iraq war.

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#1 Yishai 12-Jun-2008
Flag photo:
"And, um..., as you can clearly see behind me, is a, um, a challenge to my opponent, Senator McCain. My flag is so much bigger than your flag, so don't smear my big patriotic, uhhh, patriotism."

Jesus Photo:
"I think I should grow a beard"

Kissing lady photo:
"Here, let me get that spaghetti off your neck for ya."
#2 captainfish 12-Jun-2008
"Kissing lady photo:
"Here, let me get that spaghetti off your neck for ya.""


#3 desertdweller 13-Jun-2008
How can anyone want their picture taken with Homer (D'oh!) Obama?

Isn't it clear that there's such suspicion of Obama's associates that all skeletons will soon be aired, followed by an unceremonious tossing under that stinky bus?

I find the first two photos rather mocking and funny. The puppet masters have told Homer he needs to overcome his aversion to flag pins, and presumably flags in general. In the photo, he's leaning to the microphone, meaning he stepped out of the way of the flag, speaking the *real* truth.

The "Tax Relief for the Middle Class" photo later in the flag series is what makes me want to puke. He truly _believes_ his followers are so gullible. OMG. Where's the trash can?
#4 Kevin 13-Jun-2008
#5 captainfish 13-Jun-2008
desertdweller, problem is, his followers ARE that gullible. They refuse to see his wrongs because they believe his message. They believe in Obamassiah. Thus, you now know how the devil himself will be able to take over the world at the end of days.

Kevin, awesome work. How were you able to remove the US flag to REVEAL the Commie flag behind it?

The more I know of Obamassiah, the more sick I feel. Not about him, but about our country and how far it has fallen. For a person like this to have risen so far so fast without anyone calling him on it and the public droning him out of the country, we have fallen very far.
#6 Cletus 13-Jun-2008
we all know it's because he is black. if he was a white far left marxist scumbag the media would have payed no mind and he would have gotten less coverage than dennis kucinich
#7 captainfish 13-Jun-2008
dennis who?
#8 Cletus 13-Jun-2008
#9 John Foster 15-Jun-2008
It's nice to know that there are still blatant racists and bigots in the U.S.
#10 captainfish 15-Jun-2008
yes, and people are still going to vote for him to be the next president. sickening isn't it.

I do find it interesting that a racist man with no experience in government and has race-baiters, terrorist-sympathizers, and criminals of various nature in his campaign can get this far within the democrat(ic) party without being hounded out of the country.

Had a Republican candidate had associates that espoused the same views as Obamassiah's associates, the media would have squashed him long time ago and demanded he be brought up on charges.
#11 John Foster 15-Jun-2008
Give me a break! Is this for real? or am I dreaming?
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