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Muslim Persecution of Christians

Robert Spencer is making one of his essays available for download. "Muslim Persecution of Christians" can be located HERE or HERE.



#1 Cletus 13-Jun-2008
mr friggin idiot friends try and say "christians persecute people all the time blablabla" as if that makes it ok that muslims are doing it

goddamn fucking Canadians
#2 DMartyr 13-Jun-2008
I love the idiots who say, "Well, what about the horrible things Christians did during the crusades?"

They just cannot distinguish between the medieval times and modern times... No doubt because their religion keeps them perpetually in the 7th century.
#3 Cletus 13-Jun-2008
These aren't even muslims saying these things, it's liberal "progressive" athiest modernists. They think that somehow Christianity is dank and oppressive while islam is the peak of enlightenment ("I know more than you do, man, my sister is studying religion at university")
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