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Musical Interlude: The Automatic, Mile High School

I've got an early-morning appointment tomorrow morning that will have me away from the computer until later, so until then, I figured I'd share some musical discoveries with you. I'll hopefully be back early in the afternoon!

For the longest time, I had thought that rock on radio was dead. Most of the stuff that I have heard lately was the same old grunge "too cool for the room" garbage that's been playing since '93. So it's much to my surprise to discover that there are two bands out there that have single-handedly resurrected the genre!

The first band, The Automatic (known here in the United States as "The 'Automatic' Automatic" for copyright reasons), truly get the Rules of Rock Radio:

1. Keep it Simple Come up with short, pithy lyrics, and repeat them often. The catchier your hook, the better the song!

2. Don't Be Preachy The hallmark of "Grunge" rock is a tireless festival of preaching, be it about ending war, or about the environment. We get it already! It doesn't get any more original or urgent if you've been preaching the same junk for 10 years. The thing is, the best rock songs ever played on the radio don't really say all that much.

3. Harmony It's not just the name of some stoner hippie chick from back in your parents' era: if your songs include a touch of harmony, they'll go a long way to becoming timeless. I think the Beatles have proven this rule well enough, at least before they became drug-addled old men.

I highly recommend that you hop on over to Amazon (see the above-right box thingy) and pick their album up immediately. You won't be putting it down anytime soon, if you truly enjoy a dose of good old-fashioned yet somehow quite modern radio rock.

Virginia's Pride and Joy: Mile High School

I'm very proud to say that the second band I'm sharing with you hails from my very own Commonwealth of Virginia, from historic Yorktown and places thereabout. These guys rock. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that these guys are the best band to come from Virginia since John Smith still lurked around these parts! We ran into Mile High School at the Automatic Automatic's concert in D.C. this past weekend, and they are totally ready for radio rock. In fact, don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself: If you are a fan of classic radio rock, give the following track a try. I promise you'll like it!

[podcast: "/uploads/States_Away.mp3"]

If you do like it, be sure to hop on over and check out more on their site. Their first album, Life of the Party, is available for preorder, and is scheduled to be released sometime in September. If you enjoy supporting up-and-coming Virginian artists, I can't think of a more deserving bunch than these guys!

I hope y'all have enjoyed this little diversion from our ordinary fare! Feel free to chime in down in the comments and let me know what you think, or if you know of any other bands that are ready to resurrect radio rock!



#1 Rooster 01-Aug-2007
Classic Radio Rock? This is the same faux-punk that was popular in 2001 and 2002. Ever heard of Good Charlotte? They're them without the enthusiasm! Best rock back from VA? What about Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters you dolt? On a 1-10 scale this band gets a 4.. and I'm not just saying that to be my regularly argumentative self. It's very typical and nothing special.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 01-Aug-2007
Hey dunce,

Is "Dave Grohl" an entire band? Are the rest of Foo "Fighters" from Virginia? I think my statement still qualifies just fine.


MHS was really excellent live, and I personally enjoy the track I posted, so I guess YMMV, huh?

Did you hop over to Amazon and hear a preview of The Automatic, by the way? They're brit-pop of the type that I recall you enjoying, Roost. I absolutely cannot stop listening to the album myself.

Maliciously Yours,
#3 Rooster 02-Aug-2007
Nope didn't hop over to Amazon. Post it here. Dave Grohl point taken. But.... What about Dudz and their "S-Field Anthem"? Huh? Huh? Yeah.. didn't think so, sucka! Got you beat there don't i, ass clown!?
#4 Dudz 28-Nov-2007
Haha what the hell, I made S-Field Anthem back in....2002, it was more of a joke, its funny to see it come up in a google search
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 28-Nov-2007

It's [i]truly[/i] a pleasure to meet you! You're certainly a legend around these parts! :)

#6 Rooster 28-Nov-2007
SUCKA we takin ova!
#7 Rooster 28-Nov-2007
I'd actually like to hear a sequel to S-Field anthem.
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