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Rage Boy Sightings

"1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. We know who al-Guardian works for!"

The boys at TNOYF have hit the airwaves yet again, this time speaking with the BBC's World Have Your Say program and for an al-Guardian podcast. As always, I highly recommend paying them a visit so you can hear the fun and excitement!

I'm also pleased and somewhat befuddled to say that a writer for Mother Jones, the iconic Trotskyist (and please do correct me if I'm wrong, guys) left-of-centre magazine in the United States, has discovered Rage Boy. I'm extending a warm welcome to all y'all, even if we do disagree on just about everything. As evil as I might be, I still try to be very polite.

(It's what Dick Cheney would want me to do...)

  #Rage Boy Sightings


#1 Captain_Lewis 02-Aug-2007
OK, this leaves little doubt -- for any lingering doubters -- that these are completely staged. There's some evidence this time of a decent crowd. However, who happens to be right there for the camera? Perfectly captured, blur-free, in his fist-pumping islamic rage? (Thank god we can't smell this picture)
#2 Angel 02-Aug-2007
every time I see it cracks me
up..that and their pathetic
fauxtography!..Keep up the good fight!:)
#3 Rooster 02-Aug-2007
I hate people who post serious responses. Faggots.
#4 Texas Nick 16-Aug-2007
I'm not adept with Photoshop, so all I can do is a suggestion for a "Rage Boy Cartoon"... how about a shot of RageBoy in flagrant delicto with a pig? Ouch!

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