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Whose Limits?

Sterling, Virginia

I highly recommend heading over this way to find out where a considerable chunk of our education tax dollars are going here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

After you've read the article (excellent work, Joe!), ask yourself this question: Do you think, even for a minute, that you as a Virginian would be able to waltz down to Mexico and demand that their schools teach your children in English, at their expense?

Then why is it acceptable for the opposite to hold true?

When will enough be enough?



#1 Rooster 02-Aug-2007
If I had a f-ing penny for every time you said the word "Commonwealth".....
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Aug-2007
I have a feeling I'd have to write you up a big fat check were you ever to *demand* a penny for each time...

#3 captainfish 03-Aug-2007
How about a penny for each penny spent on teaching english to people who should be speaking english?

Let's say, a kid is born in america to foreign born parents, wouldn't that child be in school long enough to pick up english from friends and from teachers?

If we are being forced to have our kids learn a foreign language in elementary school (cause they supposedly can learn easily and faster than later in life), then why can't the same excuse be made for training english to the "spanish-speaking" kids?
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