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Sacre Bleu! (Or: French Fauxtography Follies)

The missus informs me that there is something of a controversy surrounding French President Nikolas Sarkozy's recent vacation photographs:—Namely, that they've been somewhat retouched:

French fauxtography?
A magazine owned by a millionaire friend of Nicolas Sarkozy doctored a photograph of the French president to remove his "love handles", it has been claimed.

Paris Match, the celebrity weekly owned by the media mogul Arnaud Lagardere, was said to have applied a computer air brush to the image of Mr Sarkozy to get rid of the unsightly bulges of fat around his waist, which are known as poignées d'amour in French.

It was only last year that Mr Sarkozy was accused of being responsible for the sacking of the magazine's former editor Alain Genestar after he published a front page picture of Mr Sarkozy's wife Cécilia and an alleged lover.

Such revelations highlight claims that the president has enjoyed favourable treatment from some parts of the media because of his ties to wealthy and influential businessmen.

Believe me, I have seen much worse. Or better, as the case may be.

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#1 cheongyei 03-Sep-2007
To say nothing of how blue the water has become!!
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