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Truth in Advertising

Update/Retraction: Eagle-eyed reader Annie writes to inform that the hand gesture pictured usually represents "Wait a minute" in Middle-Eastern societies. I guess I had that coming, for trying to interpret another country's colloquial hand gestures...

"Curses, foiled AGAIN!"

Thanks for the correction, Annie!This photo purports to be of a Hamas "security officer" checking and registering a passport from an individual crossing into the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

Hamas security officers check and register the travel documents of Palestinians returning to the Gaza Strip through the Erez border crossing, between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007. The last group of Palestinians stranded for weeks in Egypt after the Hamas takeover of Gaza returned home Thursday, crossing into Israel and riding buses to a crossing point between Israel and northern Gaza. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

By itself, there isn't anything too extraordinary about this picture, but if it weren't for me reading this article earlier in the week, I wouldn't have caught it: Check out the "officer" towards the centre of the frame. Does it look like he's "checking" any travel documents?

Take a closer look at his hand gesture:

[img:looks-like-bribery.jpg:Hmmm, what hand gesture could that be?]

I could be wrong, but that looks like Ye Olde Classic "gimme yo' money" hand gesture, which would mean that this is potentially photographic evidence of the very bribery described in the article above.

Of course, considering that Hamas is a group of fanatics who have no problem killing their children (and then blaming someone else), a little bit of bribery isn't really all that surprising... is it?



#1 annie 16-Aug-2007
Heh. You're welcome Brian ;-) Better luck next time...

[i][Ed.: Originally posted on 11 Aug 2007 at 19:13 EDT][/i]
#2 captainfish 16-Aug-2007
And, in Italy, it means "shove it up your ***~"???

And the French have that hand gesture using it to hold their cigarettes. So that means...?

Is there documentation for this assertion? Like you Brian, my first assumption was, "Where's the money?" And the fact that the "victim/begger/subjugant" is holding money also helps our assumptions.

BTW, looks like a nice cheerful and safe border crossing with all those safety guns around.

[i][Ed.: Originally posted on 13 Aug 2007 at 20:51 EDT][/i]
#3 JSinger 16-Aug-2007
Is there documentation for this assertion?

She's absolutely correct. Both Arabs and Israelis use that gesture constantly to mean "wait a minute".

[i][Ed.: Originally posted on 14 Aug 2007 at 17:12 EDT][/i]
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