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Anti-Semitism at Reuters?

Aside from the fact that Jerusalem has been a de-facto part of Israel since the Six-Day War, modern progressives sure seem to have a real hard time identifying where it is:

REFILE -- CORRECTING COUNTRY BYLINE The body of a Palestinian lies in an alley following a gun attack in Jerusalem's Old City August 10, 2007. A man grabbed a gun from an Israeli security guard and shot him in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday, sparking a gun battle in which the attacker was killed and at least 10 others injured, police and medics said. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis (JERUSALEM)

For Reuters' reference, Jerusalem is officially the "ancestral homeland" of the Jews, seeing how the city was built in its entirety by the Jewish people. It is also the most holy city in Judaism and Christianity, who combined account for "2.1 billion" of the world's populace. (Compare that to it being merely the "third-most" holy city in Islam, which accounts for "1 billion" adherents.)

But let's not let facts get in our way or anything...

For the record, the correct original byline read: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis (ISRAEL)

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#1 CheValierXP 16-Aug-2007
ummm, dude, jerusalem was entirely built by Canaanites, before hebronites even came to this land, it was called Ur-Salem,But let's not let facts get in our way or anything...

oh, and i'm christian AND a palestinian, so let's not add 2.1bn christians into that equation please.

[i][Ed.: Originally posted on 10 Aug 2007 at 16:12 EDT][/i]
#2 annie 16-Aug-2007
Chevalier, are you saying that Jerusalem is not part of Israel? Are you denying that Jerusalem is and was the capital of Israel? Are you denying that Jerusalem was never the capital of any other country? Are you denying that Jerusalem was nothing but a dusty backwater until the Jews arrived and built it up again? Are you denying that even when the Jordanians illegally occupied it from 1947 to 1967 Jerusalem was hardly more than a Levantine shanty town, and never made it into a capital of anything?

Because if you are, I'd like to know what you are smoking.

[i][Ed.: Originally posted on 11 Aug 2007 at 17:53 EDT][/i]
#3 CheValier 16-Aug-2007
west jerusalem IS part of israel, yes, but not east jerusalem.
west jerusalem IS the capital of israel i'm not denying that.
jerusalem was never any others country, but in ancient times it was considered as a country by itself, to the cannanites. it was Ur-Salem, it's ruler was king salem.
do you deny jerusalem was first built by cannanites? o you deny there were other people here in jerusalem before jews came?
as for jordan occupying jerusalem, it's hard for someone biased to understand the problems here, the whole region was 1 country with several states, just like the U.S.A now, britain, france decided to split things up, it's not our fault, nor jordanians fault, jordan was independent in 1946, about 1 year before the war with israel, israel was a hostile entity in the region, and as palestinians didn't have an army jordanian army took charge until things settled down, as some jewish terrorist groups still considered israel from the sea till the river, which meant the west bank, so it was as they see it, an preemptive procedure to prevent the loss of further arab land, if you ask me my opinion, i'd prefer jordanian rule over israeli military occupation any day, and if the ONLY way to get israelis out of the west bank is by giving it to jordan, i'll accept, but if that was the only way out.

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