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Kim Jung-Il tours the People's Rubber Ducky Factory Hamhung Disabled Soldiers' Plastic Daily Necessities Factory—Coming soon to a city near you.

In this photo taken by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency and released by Korea News Service in Tokyo on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, left, holds a doll made by disabled soldiers, as Kim inspected the Hamhung Disabled Soldiers' Plastic Daily Necessities Factory, South Hamgyong, northern North Korea. The date of his visit wasn't mentioned in the original caption supplied by the Tokyo-based news agency while KCNA reported this visit on Aug. 14. Others are unidentified. (AP Photo/Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service)

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#1 BelchSpeak 16-Aug-2007
"Plastic Daily Necessities?" What the heck are those? Must be an oddity in the translation. Plastic Daily Necessities must mean hideous fish lures.

How come Norka soldiers are on the disability list? Are we talking about the aging soldiers left over from the Korean war? Shouldn't they get to retire by now and not have to generate stupid plastic freak dolls? Or have they faked an injury to get out of guard duty?

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#2 Anonymous 16-Aug-2007
I tried to use your contact page, but it kept telling me that my image verification was wrong and the name and email strings were empty.

Here is my message I thought you might find interesting...

More dictatorial hand holding.

Is there something in the water?
Or, do you have to be a gay dictator to rule the way they do???

From NewsMax homepage:

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#3 Richardson 16-Aug-2007
I had to wonder if that photo wasn’t doctored, but it probably wasn’t:

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#4 captainfish 16-Aug-2007
Now my turn to comment....

1) "Plastic Daily Necessities" ... Hmmm, for some reason I was thinking personal female paraphernalia. But then, they are a repressed society. But then, looking at him, most women would rather............

2) Why is he looking at the bottom end of whatever that thing is??????? PERVERT!

3) Dude is wearing a rug, a large shammy for a shirt, and is looking up the pants of a blow up doll. Pervert would be forced to register if he ever came over here. And if he made it down south, he wouldn't last long on the streets.

4) Every time I see him I can't help but remember his excellent performance in the movie, "Team America". He was so awesome in it.

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#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 16-Aug-2007

That's an *adorable* find! Thanks for sharing that with us, and my apologies for the malfunctioning Contact page... Grumble server problems grumble...


"Brilliant!" That article is a pretty hilarious look into the Hermit Kingdom's peculiar communist ways...


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#6 captainfish 16-Aug-2007
hehehee,... I was Anonymous.
Am not liking your user submission forms much.

Though, I figure that you found the comments after the server build and my name was not associated with that one.

Do you really have a problem with comment spammers? Or bots using your contact page to spam you there?
#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Aug-2007

Sorry for the trouble—I actually receive a copy of each comment in my inbox, so what you see here is the result of me copying and pasting each message manually.

Sorry about the troublesome comments page. I get somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60,000 blocked comments a week, mostly relating to various types of medication. I'd be happy to share all of that with y'all, if you'd prefer! ;)

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