The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

It sure is dark in here... (CATASTROPHIC Failure!)

"This will teach Brian a lesson in backups, if nothing else."
A catastrophic failure has occurred, and the server that Snapped Shot lives on has been erased. Phill and I are in the process of restoring our backups, but neither of us have backups for the past few days. The website will be back up as soon as we can get the duct tape and band-aids put back on...

Now would be a great time to request your help, by the way. If you enjoy Snapped Shot, and would like to keep it running, please consider giving a buck or two to Phill for his hard work. If it weren't for his effort, this website would literally not have a place to call home.

UPDATE: Phill tells me that we'd need something near $275 in order to move into a more stable facility... I'm going to pitch in towards it, and hope that you consider this website worth it enough to do so as well. :)

Update 2: I've been able to restore all of the articles up to 4-Aug-2007. There are a *bunch* missing since then, unfortunately...

Update 3: I've restored all of the articles which were lost, minus one, which was overwritten by the original copy of this notice. We're still planning on moving the server, so any help you can offer (see above) would be greatly appreciated. Just think of the kinds of people you would anger by helping to keep this website up and running, folks! It practically pays for itself!

Thank you for your continued patience,

Brian C. Ledbetter
Snapped Shot


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