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Remember that "unanimous" election that they just got done with back in May over in Syria? Well, it seems that, much like we predicted, if you were brave enough to vote against Bashar al-Assad (and they do make it pretty obvious that you wouldn't want to), bad things will happen:

According to the Akhbar Al-Sharq website, the Syrian intelligence apparatus has arrested Syrian citizen Mesbah 'Alaa Al-Din, from Al-Ladhaqiya province, because in the May 2007 referendum he voted against a second term for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

The Syrian Human Rights Organization has reported that no trace of Al-Din has been found following his arrest, and that the intelligence apparatus is refusing to release any information about him.

My prayers will be with Mr al-Din's family, because there is no doubt that the government of Nancy Pelosi's most intimate friend has not allowed him to survive his fatal vote.

My Democratic friends: is 97% of the vote still a "mandate" when the result of voting against the regime is fatal?

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