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"Diversity" Success Story

Courtesy the Brussels Journal:

Women are simply not accepted by the Muslim community,” says Mohammed. “So women had also better not do this work.” Mohammed is my colleague social worker [integration civil servant] in Antwerp’s immigrant quarters. He looks at me gravely. “That is just the way it is, and that is why I prefer not to work with a woman, that simply doesn’t work.” He is complaining about another colleague, a Flemish woman who is his superior.

Mohammed does not think that this mentality about women and work is wrong. In fact, whoever questions this attitude is wrong because it is his culture and belief, which is why he accepts it, he “understands” it and we, Flemings, do not. Consequently we must accept it, until we “understand” as well.


She did not want to discuss the complete lack of fellowship, the negative attitude of the Moroccan colleagues. Her problem was Mohammed. He didn’t want to work together with her. He walked away during a conversation with her and went to pray in the meeting room, calling on Allah to stand by him in the discussion with a woman! Perplexity on the part of his female colleague.

Naturally she submitted her conflict with Mohammed, and his praying in the meeting room, to the management. Yes, it’s annoying, but now what? The problem was bought before the staff manager. Who, strangely enough, made a completely absurd accusation. Not Mohammed, but rather the female co-worker, had overstepped her bounds. She had threatened Mohammed and provoked aggression.

Be sure to read the full article, as there are other incidents worth hearing about that I left out. This scenario is the end result of what "Diversity" is all about: Tiny groups of "oppressed" people trying to out-oppress each other, with nothing but chaos resulting from the exchange.

Is that the America you want to live in?



#1 Rooster 21-Aug-2007
Can't wait to see what the "Captain Twins" have to say about this.... I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation!
#2 Rooster 22-Aug-2007
Guess I held my breath prematurely.
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