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Sweden: Going the way of Denmark?

Word has it that a local online paper in Sweden has begun printing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed apparently crossed with a dog. The Swedish ambassador to Iran has been summoned in front of the Revolutionary government as a result. Will this lead to worldwide protests and outrage similar to Denmark's "controversial" display? I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for any days of RAGE, that's for sure!

"Muh-hund-aiklit" by Lars Vilks.



#1 captainfish 27-Aug-2007
Is he playing soccer???

Man, that is a crappy drawing? Was it drawn by the guy's kid? Maybe the kid was drawing his own dog and thought it would be funny to put a man's face on it as the dog enjoyed a rousing round of keep-away.

somehow, I dont think this will cause an uproar until another muslim physically takes them, along with some others not created by this artist, to the hotbed of rage and peace and love.
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