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American Immigration Policy

Why do we even bother existing as a nation any longer? Our hands are tied behind our backs with respect to who we allow into our country (i.e., anyone), and who we can keep out (i.e., nobody).

Update: You can thank the Federal Government for allowing illiterate drivers with unsafe trucks to drive freely on our roads as well. Lord knows we have enough of that type up here in the D.C. Metro area—I can't imagine who in the world thought that bringing in more via international treaty would be a good idea.

Update: Doing the jobs that "Documented" Americans refuse to do:

(TN) Judge Tells Illegal Alien He is "Unwelcome Undesirable"

Lowlife, scumbag, thug.
General Sessions Court Judge Bob Moon said the man charged with setting a fire in a downtown hotel is "an unwelcome undesirable" illegal alien.

Judge Moon told Bario Gomez, "Undesirables like you are not welcome in this country. You are a Latino terrorist who entered this country illegally and soon plotted significant personal injury and damage to the people and businesses in our community."

Authorities said Gomez is an illegal alien with no proof of identification. Officials also said he gave police a false name.

The INS placed a hold on Gomez, 20, after charges of aggravated arson and aggravated vandalism were filed against him.

Judge Moon told him, "It is undesirables like you who create many unjustifiable problems and prejudices upon the good people who enter this country legally in chasing a dream for a better life for themselves and their families.

"Mr. Gomez, you nor any other citizen from a foreign land has a right to enter this country; you simply have a privilege to enter this country through the proper legal channels.

Hopefully our next President.
"You are a domestic terrorist who is an imminent threat to the safety of our people and their property. You are also a supreme flight risk from justice. It is with duty, comfort and ease that I increase your bond significantly in an appropriate amount to insure your appearance in further proceedings and to insure the safety of this community."

The bond was raised from $30,000 to $1 million. The previous bond was set by Magistrate James Purple, which Judge Moon described as "another ludicrously low bond."

According to Arson Investigator James Whitmire, Gomez checked into the hotel with his girlfriend. Testimony by Whitmire and management officials indicated that Gomez placed a toaster filled with matches in a microwave oven in his room intending a massive "delayed burn."

Proof also showed that multiple towels were stuffed into the toilet in order to retard the water supply. The hotel manager testified that the towels were stuffed so deeply that the pipes had to be disassembled to remove them. She also stated that the room was severely damaged and vandalized.



#1 captainfish 27-Aug-2007
The "Thinkers Society" THOUGHT that skit up?? WOW. Did they take a whole year to come up with that?

While I am upset that they have deemed fit to tread on and rip to shreads a symbol of this nation's freedom and suffering. I wonder how long they would last (alive) if they were in their favorite muslim nation and did that to a muslim flag? Would they still feel the freedom to express their displeasure with their government like they can do here? Or, would they just tote the line?

These people make me sick. IF YOU HATE THIS COUNTRY SO MUCH, THEN LEAVE!!! We will be happy to help you pack your bags. And, for that matter, why the hell are you even over here?!?!? I know this remark will only apply to some of them, but, you knew what this country was like before you came over. Now please leave. For the others that grew up under this flag and its freedoms, if you dont want them and dont believe that our nation is as muslim as you think it should be, I will be more than happy to point out the nearest wholly muslim nation that you can move you and your hateful demon-loving arse to.

As for the judge. Great catch Brian. We need to point out and give praise to more and more of these jurists who seek to uphold the law. And I applaud those jurists who berate law breakers in front of the bench. Time was, you were afraid to break the law to a great extent cause then everyone in town would know it and you would be humiliated in court for what you did. We need more of these great judges. In fact, why dont we give judges the power to deport using federal dollars. You know that local authorities can find good, fast, cheap, efficient means to deport those that should not be in their towns.

Think about it. How many "Bubba"s would GLADLY take the amount of money the feds spend to deport people to operate a deportation business??
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