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Theo Spark on Transnationalism

Theo Spark, whom I admire deeply, is calling for the United States to join the British Commonwealth.

While I think some alternative to the United Nations needs to be found, from what I've seen of Commonwealth policy, it is no less mired in the doctrines of politically-correct trans-nationalism than the United Nations is. Furthermore, its structure is one of more egalitarian nature, wherein the members of small ex-Colonies have the same voice and say as larger, more established nations, such as Canada, Australia, and even the Mother of Nations herself.

No, I don't think it's really the best idea to join ourselves to yet another transnational organisation. But I do think it might be time that we start thinking about how we would do things on our own again.

Time for the Commonwealth to stand up and be counted…

… and for the US to join it.

The Commonwealth is a cosy little club, made up of what was the British empire,which meets every four years for the Global equivalent of the Village sports Day. It comprises 53 Nations containing a population of nearly 2 billion. Apart from the UK, other leading members are Australia, Canada, India and South Africa. It devotes much of it’s time to good works involving Democracy, Economics, Education and other worthy causes. What it doesn’t do is peacekeeping. It is about time that it started.

  #Untied Nations


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