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Music Video Shrinkage

Word has it that the music industry is having to pare back on some of its recent excesses. Quoth Nelson Muntz:


Here's a free tip to all of you music-industry geniuses out there: Put out a product worth buying, and people will buy it. If you waste our time with pap junk, don't come crying when your trust funds dry up.



#1 Rooster 11-Sep-2007
Simpsons suck.

#2 asdf 11-Sep-2007
test 1
#3 asdf 11-Sep-2007
test 2 hahah
#4 captainfish 11-Sep-2007
test test
#5 captainfish 11-Sep-2007
dang, wont let me post what I want to write. caught by anti-spam.

#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 12-Sep-2007
LOL! What, are you trying to say "c1al1s" or something? ;)

Feel free to e-mail me anything that doesn't get past the Duh sensors...

#7 captainfish 13-Sep-2007
I now forgot what I was going to write.

Something to the effect of...

there used to be channels that did nothing but music videos. However, now they only show debauchery, pornographic imagery, degradation to women, drug-abuse, hyping drug use, and gang affiliations.
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