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Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow?

The Palestinians are celebrating a ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court today, which forces the Israeli government to re-evaluate the route (aka "border") being selected for its defence barrier. The site affected has been the target of fairly constant protest over the past 6 months, with a group of somewhat eclectic individuals (and the usual stone-throwing terrorists) showing up there every Friday to "protest" the "unjust" actions represented by the wall.

A Palestinian demonstrator confronts an Israeli soldier at Israel's controversial barrier near the West Bank village of Bilin September 4, 2007. Palestinians in a village at the centre of violent weekly protests against Israel's controversial West Bank barrier won a Supreme Court battle on Tuesday to have it rerouted. Citing hardships facing residents of Bil'in, a three-justice panel ordered the Israeli government and military to ensure that a section of the barrier set to cut through the village's farmland should circumvent it instead. REUTERS/Ammar Awad (WEST BANK)

Anyone else want to bet that this ruling will have no effect on the regular anti-Israeli protests held at the "Apartheid" wall? Personally, I expect that the "spontaneously" well-organized protests will continue apace, with nothing more than a slight change in backgrounds...
(AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

(AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)


(AP Photo/Jose Pedro Salinas)

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#1 captainfish 06-Sep-2007
Why are they flashing "peace" signs? Or is that "V for victory"? Or, are they saying they will be there two days?

Are not the two symbols I mentioned a rather Western thing?

Also, I am with the Supreme Court on this one. Why exacerbate the situation by just cutting through a farmland? Israelis are not going to do anything with it and it will only sow more resentment than is already there. Yeah, the wall will be a bit more crooked, but at least it will make the Pallies more happy right?

Right? hello? Oh well, guess not.

Hey, what if Israel gave up all its holy sites (holy only for those religious nutjobs) and then gave up all its key defensive positions and also gave back all the land it won hands-down during the previous wars it has fought?? Do you think the Arab world will live in peace then?

Hmmmm, let's see. Israel loses its identity and gives up its true and legitimate hold on the land, allows its enemies to hold the high points around it (again) and emboldens them with feelings of empowerment. Yep, I can see the muslims and arabs being content with that. NOT!
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