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Good Enough for Government Work

It would seem that when you're trying to re-stock a depleted population of fish, it's probably a good idea to do it with the right species.

No word on how much of your hard-earned tax money was wasted on this mess. Not that the Associated Press would ever deign to actually ask such investigative things.



#1 BelchSpeak 07-Sep-2007
There are a few things that our government does that is both awesome and well worth the money. One of those things is the fish and wildlife management.

Yeah, this one instance may have been botched, but they are still putting healthy fish into our streams for ecological and sportsfishing purposes.

Virginia is also a great example of clean streams with great fishing, thanks to USFW. And we haven't heard much about snakeheads lately either, which must mean that efforts to remove the invasive animal may be working.
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