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The Tyranny of Good Intentions

Wantonly throwing billions of dollars at causes celebré is bound to lead to abuses. You know, like this?

But when AIDS activists are asked if the militant's claim of AIDS funds being misused is true then a new story emerges. Given the dangers, no one is willing to give any answers on camera. But off camera they tell the real reason.

At present there are about 50 NGOs working under Manipur AIDS Control Society and Manipur has the highest percentage of HIV+ people in the country.

So their work is to reach out to the state's 27,000 patients most of them dependent on government funds for treatment.

The plight of Manipur is so big in the map of AIDS activism that the state receives huge funds from the world over, including grants from the Bill Gates Foundation.

And this is where the militants come in. They have realised that there is huge money in AIDS and started demanding big haftas or bribes without which they don't let NGOs do any groundwork.



#1 Rooster 06-Sep-2007

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