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Charitable Intentions

Monetary Contributions vs. Homicides (CAMERA)

While the West may have good intentions when it donates millions, nay billions of dollars to the Palestinian "plight," the end result of all of these "good intentions" is somewhat bleak:

CAMERA makes the point that aid does not tend to moderate Palestinian Arabs, as is its intent, but on the contrary to radicalize them and allow them to purchase more weapons and ammunition.

In short, it means that giving Palestinian Arabs more money is one of the surest ways, historically, to ensure more dead people the following year.



#1 Rooster 07-Sep-2007
#2 Steve Johnson 12-Sep-2007
So if I read this graph correctly, it basically costs us one million dollars per homocide to fight terriosts. That is freaking ridiculous. A flyover with a couple of neutron bombs would be much more cost effective
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