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Stopped Watches

I've generally been skeptical of Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, as he's tended towards the wishy-washy side of liberal Episcopalian Christianity in some of his past acts. In light of that history, his latest action truly surprises me:

Labour's latest equality law will deprive Christians of the right of free speech, the Church of England has warned.

The Single Equality Bill could force vicars to conduct weddings for sex-change brides, deprive Christians of the right to oppose homosexuality and make church schools promote gay lifestyles in lessons, said the Archbishops' Council.

Church charities may also be barred from saying grace before meals or displaying crucifixes, it claimed.

The CofE document - endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams - warned that the Bill attempts to suppress freedom of speech and "amounts to an enforced secularism that fails to respect religious belief at all".

Update 9/11/07: Looks like the clock has been passed by time yet again. Here's to the next time you fall on the correct side of the issue, your Holiness.



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I never knew Hitler did the neck roll....
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