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Political Correctness gone Mad?

This will no doubt be The Defender of "Faith's" first Mosque-conversion project.
Picture this: In Glasgow, A declared Muslims-only toilet is installed in a facility that currently employs no Muslims.

Is this, as the Daily Express suspects, a case of political correctness gone mad?

Or is this yet more proof of the future plans of the United Kingdom's first Islamic king?

In related news, the Coming English Mufti also seems to be Islamicizing English history to boot.

No offence to my English readers, but news like this definitely makes me glad that my ancestors chose to break the ties that bound our Commonwealth to yours.

(h/t FR)



#1 rach 28-Sep-2007
now that's just ridiculous
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 28-Sep-2007
Yeah, maybe we don't have things [i]so[/i] bad, huh? ;)

#3 fritolazy 02-Oct-2007
This is a step forward. Maybe we need a Gays only toilet in the US with a stall big enough for two. That way consenting adults can have their way with each other in private.
#4 Macrina 07-Oct-2007
Using the Larry Craig incident as some sort of comparison to what is happening with the encroaching Muslim agenda, does a disservice to the purpose and the spirit of this site. While we may not agree with homosexuality, at least in this country, people can still make choices about expressing their sexuality without fear of being murdered (at least ideologically and legally). I think that says something good about us. So, let's not make unnecessary, and unuseful comparisons between those who annoy us, and those who would kill them and us.
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