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Those "Unfair" Israeli Jails, Part Deux

(Might as well post this now, since I'd rather not let Rooster's little atrocity hog the front page. LOL, revenge will surely come your way, Roost—I've got a really special pic of yours that I've been saving up for just this occasion!)

Here's another example of yesterday's story, fresh off of the wires today. Are these photographers trying to outdo each other with "touching" pictures of these terrorist families?

Notice the two "blob-like" statues that this family has amongst their collection of artwork. As I've commented on previously, this is a map that includes what is currently the entire State of Israel—which means that this family is fighting for a Jew-free Palestine.

Apparently, their fight continues to be shared by the propagandists in our press.

The daughter of Fadi Abu Salah, a Palestinian held in an Israeli prison, touches her father's picture at their family house in the West Bank village of Arabah, near Jenin, September 26, 2007. Israel agreed on Sunday to free another 90 Palestinian prisoners to try to bolster President Mahmoud Abbas ahead of a U.S.-sponsored conference on Palestinian statehood, officials said. REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman (WEST BANK)

Somehow, this point continues to elude the national disgraces that populate our State Department.

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