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Christian Dentist Forces Patient Conversion

Yeah, you can probably guess that I might have changed something in the title. See if you can guess what details were altered to protect the guilty, and then read this article to see how well you did.

The sad thing is, I'm actually conflicted on which party is more to blame here:—The dentist, who is merely acting as he's been coddled to act thanks to generations of "political correctness?" Or the socialised medicine system itself, which has so restricted the affected country's supply of medicine that patients are actually forced to choose between idiots like him.

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#1 James Young 18-Sep-2007
Anybody see "Marathon Man"?
#2 captainfish 18-Sep-2007
"Later this month, Mr Butt will appear before a General Dental Council professional misconduct hearing, which has the power to strike him off."

Is that with a cane or whips?

"Mr Butt is the older brother of former Islamic extremist Hassan Butt, who once declared he had 'no problem' with terror attacks on Britain and who said that September 11 "served the pleasure of Allah". He has since recanted and now calls for all Muslims to abandon violence. "

Well, we know from what stock this Dentist comes from.

"The dentist also featured in immigration hearings involving an asylum seeker suspected of providing a safe house for Kamel Bourgass, an Algerian terrorist jailed for life for stabbing PC Stephen Oake to death in Manchester in 2003."

First, is Britain's health care system that bad that you have to renounce your faith to get dental treatment? Is their system so close to collapse that she had NO OTHER choice?

Second, he should have lost his license then, dont ya think?

Third, isn't it against the muslim creed to be in the presence of a woman alone? How can this muslim be a true muslim and work with women? Alone in a small room?

You know.. something isnt ringing right to me here.
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