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Outrage: Chaplain fired for offering Christian Prayer?

This is preposterous, if true:

In Florida, a hospital chaplain was fired for praying in Jesus' name. It has now become more common to forbid praying in Jesus' name ... they have forbidden Staunton City Council and Augusta Board of Supervisors from doing so ... a Navy chaplain was fired for doing it ... now a hospital chaplain.

Danny Harvey, American hero?
There are a few more details here and a PDF copy of his termination letter here. If the hospital's claims are true, he may have been negligent in some of his other duties, which would provide a reasonable justification of his termination—but that would be assuming that the hospital didn't "inflate" the warning letter for good measure.

Off the cuff, it does sound like he may have been acting in a bit more confrontational manner than I would expect a chaplain to act. It's one thing to pray in the name of Christ when you're praying with a group of Christians, but to do so purposefully in front of non-Christians seems like it would be somewhat ineffective witness, unless he were asked by one or more members of the board he was praying before specifically to do so—such as if he were doing so before a town council, for instance.

In other news, I am always happy to see the ACLU getting smacked around. Could not have happened to a more deserving bunch!



#1 captainfish 19-Sep-2007
If you ask a "man of faith" to pray for you or your group, you MUST accept the prayer based on his faith.

If you ask a christian preacher to pray for you, then you MUST accept him to pray, in Jesus' name.

If you ask a Muslim to pray for you, then you MUST accept that he will pray to his GOD in his manner.

To hire a christian preacher and then STOP him, or fire him, for doing what his faith mandates then that is wrong.

That is like sending your kid to a christian school and demanding they not teach him about their religion.
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