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What Good is "Progress," Anyway?

Queen Janet (Illustration by Ward Smythe)
There's little in life that bugs me more than people who (religiously) insist that it is their duty to push other people "forward" towards "Progress." Which is usually by seizing said other people's money in the form of increased taxation, of course. I mean, the phenomenon's not that dissimilar from what we Christians are constantly accused of doing—but then again, that's exactly it! These people—who tend to deride we conservative Christians as being backwards buffoons who insist on pushing our ideas on other people—spend all of their time doing the exact same thing they accuse us of!


I will say this, though: the one thing that bothers me more than the above, is when any given genius (I use the term pejoratively, of course) moves to a brand spanking new city/state/country and immediately starts demanding that their new home adjust to their standards.

Janet Oleszek, a candidate for the Virginia State Senate, did just that in a forum of other most-likely-transplanted (more like "trans-something," that is) people. As reported by Greg Letiecq:
“[I] was born and raised in Sacramento, and was raised in an era of optimism, an era of we can do it, we can solve problems, we can go to the moon, we can be socially aware and compatible. And I have moved to a Virgina that is very different than the Sacramento that I was raised in.”

Janet, I'll say the same thing to you that I say to anyone else: Sit down in a quiet place, and ask yourself why in the world you moved to Virginia. What is it about our Commonwealth that brought you here in the first place?

If you came here because you liked it here, then why is it, Janet, in your most pompous opinion, that we have to change? Because, you know, there are a great many Virginians who were born here who made Virginia what it is today. A government with fewer than 60,000 employees. A very consistently balanced budget. Fewer than three bazillion regulations on the book.

You know, exactly the opposite of that bloated State that you seem to prefer.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Janet: If you don't like Virginia the way it is, you still have the freedom to go more suitable to your tastes.


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