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King Sofa Missile Company

There's an old joke that goes something along the lines of the headline—one that is particularly applicable to this latest Iranian wonder:

"We Todd did."

Orig: For the anniversary of the “Holy Defense”, the start of war with Iraq, among other activities, street exhibitions of Islamic Republic’s military might were held in different cities. This picture shows a missile, apparently called “Retard”. (Kamangir)

Thanks for the laugh, Arash!



#1 OregonGuy 27-Sep-2007
Ha! Russian English is a once a day addiction. I stole it too!
#2 captainfish 28-Sep-2007
Russian English?

I take it these are russian arms?
Then why is there english on it?
Or are those russian letters meaning something else but only looks like the english word RETARD'd ??

Either way, I take it these are going to be used to bomb Israeli runways or bunkers? If these are going to be used to bomb Israeli homes, then say good bye to Iran.
#3 andy 03-Oct-2007
Russian? Probably not, most likely straight ripoff of 1960's American stuff... The "Retard" bomb appears to be a copy of the mk81 Snakeye of Vietnam "Snake and Nape" fame. They are, actually, referred to as "retarded" bombs in technical parlance, but certainly not by anyone familiar with American idiom...

However, since the intended usage of these bombs presupposes a viable delivery system (well trained pilots flying at balls-of-steel-low altitude), I think "retard" about sums it up.
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