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Real Life! Rage Boy Sighting

CNN affiliate IBN Live catches the Rage Boy fever!

Thanks to Weasel Zippers, via Hot Air, we get to see a live television interview of Shakheel Bhat, the world-famous Rage Boy. Watch carefully, by the way—IBN quotes Snapped Shot early in the report.

Don't forget to buy your Rage Boy swag here. It really makes him mad. And if you're coming here from IBN Live, feel free to share your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing from new readers!

Oh, and for the record, there hasn't been a new "Rage Boy Sighting" of Mr. Bhat in a very long time. I'm definitely starting to miss the li'l fellow, though his successors are certainly making a valiant effort.

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#1 Rooster 28-Sep-2007
That is awesome, Bri! Hahaha! I wanna see more and more! I've watched like 4 times now.
#2 captainfish 28-Sep-2007
I love classic tv.
Its like a comfort food.

Bri ??!!?!

You two are becoming awfully cozy. Are you sure you didn't post Ahkmed's head over yours in the Brian kissing photo?

So, how did this relationship start? Does Bri's family know about you two?

Sounds almost like a joke: Brian and a rooster walk into a bar.....
#3 Colonel Panik 02-Oct-2007
I'm thinking there are several possible reasons for the lack of Islamic Rage Boy appearances as of late.

1. The Indian security forces in J&K got a little bit tired of his celebrity status and he's cooling his heels in the hoosegow.

2. The pro-islamist leftists in the media have decided that he has become too much of a figure of fun for us anti-jihadists and just aren't taking pictures of him anymore.

3. He's gone to the Paki NW Frontier to join up with the Taliban.

Watch me be proven wrong when he makes a special end of Ramadan appearance.
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